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Transcript: Why are you hosting Let’s Get Real?

That’s a great question! Why are we doing this?

Relationships are at the center of our life. Relationships with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, children, adults, we can’t get away from relationships. Relationships tend to be the source of our joy and happiness and fulfillment and they are also the source of our misery. Relationships are incredibly important in our life and our opinion at Relationship Coaching Institute, there’s nothing more important.

And another reason we’re doing this is because we honestly believe that you deserve the relationship that you want. The sad thing is, many people don’t really believe that they deserve a happy relationship. They don’t believe it’s possible. They feel stuck and they feel hopeless.

And so we really want to bring the message that you absolutely deserve to love and be loved, and you can have a fulfilling life and relationship that you really want. The problem though is that there is a lot of information and advice out there on relationships. A lot of it is valid, a lot of it is based on research, a lot of is based on relationship experts’ experience, however, it might not apply to you.

So, this is very individual. What do you need to be successful? You might read it in a book, but it wouldn’t be helpful necessarily for you. So, advice and information is great by itself, but it doesn’t necessarily help you.

So at times we all feel stuck and when we’re unhappy in a relationship, we don’t think we have a choice and then we have to either settle for less or get out. And when you’re stuck, you don’t know what you don’t know.You don’t know that there’s a way out. You don’t know that there’s a solution.

You assume there’s none and really does feel hopeless, and so we really want to bring out the idea of the Third Option.

It’s not about what he wants or she wants or the only way to go is somebody’s gonna have to win, somebody’s gonna have to lose.

Usually there’s a third option that meets both of your needs so you both can be happy in a relationship. And we’re not talking about compromise. We’re not taking about, “Oh, I’ll give-in so you can be happy,” that’s not it at all. It’s actually an option that everybody can be happy.

And so the more important principle in relationships is your relationship needs, your emotional needs. What you need to feel loved.

So the third option is about meeting both partners needs. We want to help you find that one idea, that one relationship principle, that turns on a light bulb for you, it helps you get unstuck when you’re feeling stuck.

Usually in our life, because you don’t know what you don’t know, usually there is just one creative thought or idea or paradigm, that if you found that it makes all the difference in the world for you, it unlocks the door. So, part of our job at Let’s Get Real is to help you find that key, that one idea that makes a difference for you.

You might have heard of “crowdsourcing”? So with each Let’s Get Real episode, we have a very real opportunity not only for us to share what we know, what we’ve learned in some principle of relationship that might make a big difference in this situation, but we invite you to submit your comments, your thoughts, your ideas and between all of us we can really make a difference for the viewers that watch Let’s Get Real and the people
that write into Let’s Get Real.

It’s really important to understand that these are real people with real problems, people just like you and me, who are really looking for some help, some solutions.

And the idea is also that when one asks, many wonder. Relationships are universal, we all experience these things. And so hopefully you’ll get an idea that will make a difference for you, where you’ll learn something to make a difference for somebody that you know and care about.

Everything we’re talking about is absolutely real and we are going to be addressing real solutions that are very practical that you can do something about. So this is not advice. This is not what we think people should do and it’s not based on some expertise or some expert, you know, pie in the sky idea, this is practical and real.

And what else? What else are we doing? Well, the last reason that we’re doing this is we want to share a little-known secret with you. And that is to let you know a litle bit about relationship coaching. In fact, in Let’s Get Real you will experience some relationship coaching because in coaching, coaches don’t give advice. And so our job is not to give advice, but to be very very helpful. So we’re going to show you exactly how that works.

So we hope you’ll join us and thank you for watching this video. Please do go to GettingReal.tv, join our Getting Real Club so you’d be notified of upcoming episodes, and you’ll have access to our free Radical Relationship Series.

Transcript: What can viewers expect from episodes of Let’s Get Real?

What you can expect from Let’s Get Real is that we will be absolutely real with you. And sometimes that means we might say something that you don’t agree with or you don’t like. It also might mean that sometimes we might share some intimate detail of our own relationship that we think might be helpful, you know, to you, the audience or the person who writes in. Being authentic is absolutely necessary for successful relationship and you know, it’s not pretty all the time but we will be absolutely authentic at Let’s Get Real.

What else you can expect is that the people writing in, the problems and
challenges that we address on the air are absolutely genuine and real. These are real people that are writing and experiencing very real relationship situation and most of us can relate. Most of us have been in a similar situation.

So lastly, what you can expect from Let’s Get Real is that we will try our best not to give advice. We will share information. We will share relationship principles. We will share from our own experience and perspective.

But it is not our job to give advice because advice doesn’t work. Usually people know what they should do, and advice is free. You just ask your friends and family. You even give advice if you want but generally, what I found is advise doesn’t work.

When you’re in a situation, you need to get in touch with what your reality is, what your truth is, and decide for yourself your best course of action. Get the support you need. Get all the information that you need to be aware that there might be something you don’t know about the situation, that you could learn. So hopefully we’ll be very helpful in that aspect and provide you some ideas for the third option, some principles and relationship information that might make a difference for you.

Transcript: What are Radical Relationships and the Getting Real Club?

Radical Relationships are think-out-of-the-box, individual, unique relationships in which you take a risk. Why? Because if you want to be happy and successful and fulfilled in your life, you have to take a risk. You can’t be comfortable. You can’t stay safe. You can do what you’ve always done because you get what you’ve always got.

So Radical Relationships often means you take a risk, you risk failure, it’s scary, you have to stretch a little bit, and there might be a few things to learn. So in our Radical Relationships video series, we are going to share with you everything we know, everything we’ve learned about how to think outside of the box, how to have a successful, fulfilling relationship.

So please do go to gettingreal.tv and join our Getting Real Club by putting your name and email address in and and then we can share this with you.

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