Single and Alone

  I’m a nice guy but I have a hard time finding available single women and the bar scene and online dating are not my thing, so what do I do? Lately, I’ve been thinking that I’d rather give up and stop looking for something I’ll never find, and stay single and alone for the […]

How Can I Get Him to Commit?

  After four years she’s ready to settle down and commit and he’s not. Should she give him time? Should she stay or go?   Transcript: : Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about what happens when one partner is ready to settle down, and the other isn’t. Tracy from Toronto writes: “I’ve been […]

Dating and Religion

  I’m an atheist and I’m dating someone who is strongly religious and we’re getting serious. But in his religion it is unacceptable to be with someone who doesn’t believe in God and he told me that betraying his religion is killing him every day. We love each other. Is there anything that we can […]

When to Have “The Talk” in a Dating Relationship

  Nine months into a new relationship he feels betrayed and lied to when he learns that she has had cancer all along and didn’t tell him. Did she “lie”? When is the right time to share personal information with someone you’re dating?   Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about when to […]

Help! I’m Being Used!

  He loves her and she says the sex is great and she loves him but not for the long term. He’s confused and doesn’t understand why she won’t commit. What should he do?   Transcript Welcome to Let’s Get Real!  Today’s episode is about facing the reality of being used. Ed from Portland writes: […]