Keeping Secrets in Marriage

  I don’t think I should have to tell my wife everything I’ve done or am doing in my life. What’s the big deal? I choose not to share some things because they’re irrelevant. I love my wife. I don’t have affairs and never would, but she thinks I’m having an affair and is threatening […]

Single and Alone

  I’m a nice guy but I have a hard time finding available single women and the bar scene and online dating are not my thing, so what do I do? Lately, I’ve been thinking that I’d rather give up and stop looking for something I’ll never find, and stay single and alone for the […]

How Can I Get Him to Commit?

  After four years she’s ready to settle down and commit and he’s not. Should she give him time? Should she stay or go?   Transcript: : Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about what happens when one partner is ready to settle down, and the other isn’t. Tracy from Toronto writes: “I’ve been […]

Dealing with a Sexless Marriage

  I’ve been married for 20 years and my wife and I haven’t made love in over 8 years. I’ve brought this up to my wife and she says we’re not “connected.” What does that mean? We don’t even kiss anymore except a quick peck on occasion. I miss my wife and can’t believe our […]

Dating and Religion

  I’m an atheist and I’m dating someone who is strongly religious and we’re getting serious. But in his religion it is unacceptable to be with someone who doesn’t believe in God and he told me that betraying his religion is killing him every day. We love each other. Is there anything that we can […]

My Boyfriend is Texting Another Woman!

  My boyfriend and I have been living together for the past year and I just discovered that he has been texting another woman. I’m so upset and don’t understand why he’s doing this. I really love him and have invested a lot in our relationship. Should I ignore it and hope it’s nothing? Should […]

When to Have “The Talk” in a Dating Relationship

  Nine months into a new relationship he feels betrayed and lied to when he learns that she has had cancer all along and didn’t tell him. Did she “lie”? When is the right time to share personal information with someone you’re dating?   Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about when to […]

It’s Not Fair, She Changed the Rules!

  They agreed not to have children when they got married, and 5 years later she changed her mind and wants a baby.He loves her and doesn’t want to lose her, but doesn’t want more children. What should he do?  Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about what to do when your […]

How Can I Get My Ex Back?

  They’ve been together four years and he just broke up with her. She loves him and wants to be with him. How can she get him back? In this episode we break the rules to get real and help.   Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about Accepting Reality and Letting […]

He’s Perfect But I’m Not in Love!

  Her boyfriend of 4 months is the perfect guy, but she’s not in love with him, feels zero chemistry, is just going through the motions and doesn’t know what to do. What would YOU do?    Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about chemistry in dating. Jill from New Jersey writes: “I’ve […]

My Husband Won’t Let Me Read His Texts and Thinks I’m Nosy!

  Her husband values his “privacy” and doesn’t want her to read his texts and emails. Should she be worried? What should she do?  Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about Keeping Secrets. Rebecca from Sioux Falls writes: “My husband and I disagree about privacy. I think I should know his email and voicemail […]

My Husband is Feeling Rejected By Me!

  They’ve been married for two years and she had zero libido due to pregnancy, depression and stress. Now that she’s feeling better he’s angry and withdrawn for not having his needs met. What can she do?   Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about dealing with rejection. Carol from Columbus writes: […]

My Wife Gained Weight and Isn’t Sexy Anymore!

  His wife gained 50 lbs since their marriage and he’s not physically or sexually attracted to her anymore. What should he do?   Transcript Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about Sexual Attraction. Tony from Rohnert Park writes: I’m an active, fit guy and when I married my wife she was too. […]

Radical Sex

  What kind of sexual relationship do you want? Daily sex? Sex whenever you want? Adventurous sex? Want extraordinary sex but don’t how to get your partner on board? This program provides 8 concrete strategies for better sex, and 6 out-of-the-box creative strategies for “Radical Sex.” This program contains sexually explicit material and is intended […]

Help! I’m Being Used!

  He loves her and she says the sex is great and she loves him but not for the long term. He’s confused and doesn’t understand why she won’t commit. What should he do?   Transcript Welcome to Let’s Get Real!  Today’s episode is about facing the reality of being used. Ed from Portland writes: […]

My Marriage is BORING! Should I Have an Affair?

What do you do when your marriage is stale and boring? Divorce? Affair? Let’s get real about how to spice up a boring relationship.   Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about spicing up a stale relationship. Jennifer from Fort Lauderdale writes:”My husband and I have been married for 17 years and […]

Love is a Choice music video

  Now for something different… here’s a beautiful, romantic, inspirational love song with soaring vocals sung a capella by our friend Ariana Hall. Enjoy! [2:06] Composed by Ariana Hall, David Steele, and Darlene Steele   Like this? Please comment and share!

Help! We’re Having a Noisy Argument!

  She likes a quiet house, he likes to blast the TV and music for background noise all day. How can they live together? [6:42]   Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about Solving a Noisy Argument. Nadia from Albuquerque writes: “My husband and I have a running argument.  When we are […]

Let’s Get Real Officially Launches!

[For Immediate Release] Campbell, CA (PRWEB) March 06, 2013 To view this release on prweb click here Relationship Coaching Institute announces the launch of “Let’s Get Real,” a weekly webTV program that promises to “make relationships cool” by challenging the status quo and telling the truth about relationships- no simplistic advice or pie-in-the-sky theories, just […]

Should We Share EVERYTHING?

  Should couples share EVERYTHING or have some secrets? How about email passwords? What do YOU think? [6:50] Transcript: Welcome to Let’s Get Real! Today’s episode is about ‘Should We Share Everything’. Mike from Dallas writes:”I think it’s important for a couple to be best friends. I confide in my wife and tell her everything… […]