Radical Intimacy: Ten Strategies for a Close, Fulfilling Relationship


In this program we show you 10 strategies for dramatically increasing intimacy in your relationship. This video is a preview. For full access our Radical Relationships video series be sure to join our free Getting Real Club using the registration box on this page. [2:37]



Welcome to our Radical Relationships Video Series!

Today’s topic is Radical Intimacy.

The dictionary defines intimacy as “a close, familiar and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person.”

For couple relationships, we define intimacy as “sharing your private thoughts and feelings, wants and needs in a close emotional and physical relationship.”

We use the word “private” because these are things you normally wouldn’t share with anyone else.  So this relationship is special and clearly different from your other relationships like your roomates or friends or family members.

Radical Intimacy goes even further than regular intimacy.  Besides sharing your private thoughts feelings, wants and needs, we include fears and secrets and fantasies and desires.  Everything inside you without holding anything back.  In addition to emotional and physical intimacy, we include spirituality or spiritual intimacy here as well.

So does that sound scary?  It is!  It requires a tremendous amount of trust, risk-taking, emotional maturity self-confidence and self-knowledge.

But it’s not like jumping into the deep end of the pool all at once, it’s more like peeling away the layers of the onion.  You share one little thing, then another little thing and then you discover another thing under that and another under that and before you know it, you’re sharing the biggest, most embarrassing fancy or desire you never told anybody and didn’t even want to admit to yourself!

So here’s a question for you.  What kind of relationship do you want?  Do you want to live like roommates?  Or do you want more?  How high, far and deep do you want to go?  Do you want normal or ordinary? Or do you want extraordinary?

If you want a great relationship, a high level intimacy is required.  If you want an extraordinary radical relationship, your level of intimacy must be pretty radical and out there.

Either way, stay tuned and we’ll show you how to dramatically increase intimacy in your relationship.


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